CoupleyFit Founders, Deanna & Kurt Mangum | Episode 17

Deanna and Kurt Mangum Founders CoupleyFit™

Kurt and Deanna Mangum are the founders of CoupleyFit™. They are a devoted husband and wife team who are impacting the world through their holistic approach to wellness. Their goal is to help people make healthier lifestyle changes, by bringing them back to the basics of health. In this episode, we discussed their story and their S.W.A.N. (Sleep, Water Activity, Nutrition) philosophy. Kurt and Deanna explained how changing these four habits can help us feel better, stronger, and healthier. We also explored the importance of mental health, especially in 2020, and their amazing initiatives for suicide prevention. You’ll also hear about the realities of working alongside your spouse and ways to create a more harmonious working relationship. Finally, we talked about their involvement in the local community and how they are raising awareness of racial injustice.

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