Nrïsh, Founder, Will Armijo | Episode 19

Will Armijo Nutrition Expert and Founder of Nrïsh

Will Armijo is a Nutrition Expert and Founder of Nrïsh. I invited him on to share the secrets to building healthier relationships with food. We kicked off the episode discussing why diet plans and gym workouts aren’t a one size fits all solution. We then explored the basics of a healthier lifestyle. Will explained the importance of everyday movement and eating foods “from the earth” or in other words toxin-free. We also talked about how to satisfy our food cravings in a way that is healthy, especially during times of hormonal imbalance or stress. You won’t want to miss out on Will’s amazing nutrition advice. During the interview Will also opened up about his fitness journey, his struggles with body weight, and how he founded his own health and fitness company. As a successful entrepreneur, Will has great insights on how to rebrand and market your business.

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