Dr. Abby Herzig | Episode 76

Abby Herzig ShandeeLand

Dr. Abby Herzig is CEO and Co-Founder of Belay, an innovative app to manage food allergies and confidently share important information with a network of caregivers.  A mom of three, one being a child with life threatening food allergies, she suffered from anxiety when handing him to someone else to care for him.  She recognized many safety gaps in daycares, preschools, and schools and mitigated her anxiety by building solutions for the unmet needs of children and families affected by the food allergy epidemic.  Dr. Herzig has a lot of exciting things in store for Belay, including a partnership with Elijah-Alavi Foundation to launch an allergy training and preparedness program – something they hope will help schools and daycares protect kids from life-threatening allergic reactions.  

 Ever since she was a child, her fascination with psychology and the inner workings of the human mind has never ceased and she received her doctorate in clinical psychology.  Dr. Herzig and Shandee chat parenting practices, like teaching children skills for difficult conversations with others and the importance of saying you are sorry.

To find out more about the Belay App and Food Allergy Training and Preparedness Program, please visit https://www.webelay.com/

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