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  • Rafi Taherian ShandeeLand

    Rafi Taherian | Episode 127

    Rafi Taherian is the Associate Vice President of Yale Hospitality at Yale University. Still, his journey started in Iran, and he shares his intriguing story that exemplifies an immigrant’s journey […]

  • Brittany Charlton ShandeeLand

    Brittany Charlton | Episode 126

    Meet Brittany Charlton, Founder, and CEO of Ohh! Foods. Brittany is on a mission to bring awareness to food allergies while creating innovative snacks that are free from the top […]

  • Joanna Fantozzi ShandeeLand

    Joanna Fantozzi | Episode 125

    Joanna Fantozzi, a self-proclaimed “Comfort Food Enthusiast in High Heels”, is a journalist writing about the restaurant and hospitality industry.  She is currently Senior Editor for Nation’s Restaurant News and […]

  • Dr. Trillitye Paullin ShandeeLand

    Dr. Trillitye Paullin | Episode 124

    Do you suspect your breastfed infant has a food sensitivity or allergy and is reacting to food proteins in your breast milk? Dr. Trillitye Paullin is determined to answer that […]

  • Joel Schaefer

    Joel Schaefer | Episode 123

    Joel Schaefer, CCC, CDM, CFPP, joins Shandee in this week’s episode to talk about his brand new cookbook, At Home with Your Allergy Chefs: Cooking Up Gluten-Free and Allergy-Friendly Meals Everyone […]

  • Michael Guerriero ShandeeLand

    Michael Guerriero | Episode 122

    The first American-born to win The Gelato Festival America’s highest honor came in 2019 to Chef Michael Guerriero. His winning flavor was ‘Blueberry Basil.’ Chef Mike attributes his success in […]

  • Safer Plate ShandeeLand

    Angie Nelson & Gilbert Junge | Episode 121

    Mealtime can be a challenge if you have food allergies. It can be arduous to find recipes that don’t include the ingredients you’re allergic to. Angie Nelson created a way […]

  • Dina Altieri ShandeeLand

    Dina Altieri | Episode 120

    She won National Chef Educator of the Year in 2011 and received the Cutting Edge Award in 2015 from the American Culinary Federation. Dina Altieri, M.S.Ed., CEC, CCE, CHE, has had a […]

  • Dr. Scott Sicherer ShandeeLand

    Dr. Scott H. Sicherer | Episode 119

    Dr. Scott H. Sicherer is the Director of the Elliot and Roslyn Jaffe Food Allergy Institute and the Elliot and Roslyn Jaffe Professor of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology. He is […]

  • Sam Pillsbury ShandeeLand

    Sam Pillsbury | Episode 118

    Grapes grow in the Arizona desert, and Sam Pillsbury, Owner, and Founder of Pillsbury Wine Company, proves that by producing award-winning wine in Cochise County, AZ.  He joins Shandee to […]

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