Podcast Episodes

  • Kreskin Torres ShandeeLand

    Kreskin J. Torres | Episode 160

    Kreskin J. Torres explores the country, experiences other cultures, and connects with people through food.  Working as a rideshare driver, Kreskin is traveling across the country with a mission to […]

  • Gabrielle Zimmerman ShandeeLand

    Gabrielle Zimmerman | Episode 159

    Gabrielle Zimmerman is a passionate wellness warrior on the path to becoming an esteemed Registered Dietitian. She already has impressive accomplishments, such as authoring “When Food Can Kill You: What […]

  • Rev Ciancio ShandeeLand

    David “Rev” Ciancio | Episode 158

    In this episode of ShandeeLand, Shandee interviews Rev Ciancio, the Cofounder and CMO of Handcraft Burgers & Brews. Together, they discuss Rev’s upcoming Restaurant Growth Summit, his extensive experience in […]

  • Lynda Mitchell ShandeeLand

    Lynda Mitchell | Episode 157

    Lynda Mitchell, a food allergy mom and long time leader in the allergy and asthma community, is the Interim CEO at Allergy & Asthma Network. Lynda bravely opens up about […]

  • Amanda Orlando ShandeeLand

    Amanda Orlando | Episode 156

    Amanda Orlando is a passionate advocate and writer, and shares her inspiring journey of finding self-acceptance while living with food allergies. Amanda has had an incredible career journey – having […]

  • Lisa Cohen | Episode 155

    Lisa Cohen experienced a parent’s greatest grief. Her daughter, Kyah Rayne, passed due to a fatal anaphylaxis reaction. Lisa has been working tirelessly in honor of her precious girl by […]

  • Wendy Sue Swanson ShandeeLand

    Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson | Episode 154

    Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson’s journey is one of invention and exploration; she has had a unique and captivating life. Dr. Swanson is Chief Medical Officer at SpoonfulONE and Before Brands. […]

  • Jorie Kurt ShandeeLand

    Jorie Kurt | Episode 153

    Elitch Gardens has a rich 130-year history with the city of Denver and Jorie Kurt is their Park Services Revenue Manager for Games and Attractions. Jorie’s artistic and creative tendencies, […]

  • Gwen Smith ShandeeLand

    Gwen Smith | Episode 152

    Gwen Smith is Allergic Living’s co-founder and editor, and knows the realities of life with food allergies as she is allergic to soy, shellfish, and peanuts. Gwen developed these food allergies as […]

  • Jennifer Caraway ShandeeLand

    Jennifer Caraway | Episode 151

    Jennifer Caraway is a chef, co-author of “More Than a Meal,” and “Chopped” champion. But her most important work is The Joy Bus Charity.  This non-profit was inspired by Jennifer’s […]

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