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  • Dr. Julie Sweeney ShandeeLand

    Dr. Julie Sweeney | Episode 175

    Dr. Julie Sweeney, a pediatrician and food allergy consultant, shares her personal journey of navigating her child’s food allergy diagnosis. As the founder of ALLERGY MOM MD, Dr. Julie brings […]

  • Elizabeth Anderkil

    Elizabeth Anderlik | Episode 174

    In this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Elizabeth Anderlik, a remarkable advocate for food allergies and disabilities. Elizabeth shares her personal journey, highlighting the challenges she faced […]

  • John Pepper ShandeeLand

    John Pepper | Episode 173

    John Pepper is a visionary entrepreneur and advocate for socially responsible capitalism. With a strong belief in the power of capitalism to benefit hourly workers, John shares his inspiring journey […]

  • Jason Chan ShandeeLand

    Jason Chan | Episode 172

    Jason Chan, an Australian-based advocate for food allergies and mental health, is also a dedicated researcher in the field of alternative medicine. Among his three children, all of whom have […]

  • Joey Mattingly ShandeeLand

    Dr. Joey Mattingly | Episode 171

    Associate Professor Joey Mattingly from the University of Utah College of Pharmacy discusses his collaboration with the FDA to better understand patient and caregiver experiences in developing¬† therapies for food […]

  • Jessica Carillo ShandeeLand

    Jessica Carrillo | Episode 170

    Food allergy advocate Jessica Carrillo shares her personal journey of living with food allergies. Jessica was diagnosed with a peanut allergy at the age of 2 and has since developed […]

  • Jonathan Pye ShandeeLand

    Jonathan Pye | Episode 169

    In this episode of the podcast, we welcome Jonathan Pye, a renowned chef with an impressive career in the culinary world. Jonathan takes us on a journey through his culinary […]

  • Audrey Cha ShandeeLand

    Audrey Cha | Episode 168

    Join us on this episode as we chat with Audrey Cha, a Spokin Ambassador and member of the FARE Teen Advisory Group, about her journey as a food allergy advocate. […]

  • Thomas Silvera ShandeeLand

    Thomas Silvera | Episode 167

    Thomas Silvera, Co-Founder and VP of Elijah-Alavi Foundation, delves into the foundation’s mission, outlining their goals and aspirations, and discusses their efforts to drive legislative change at both state and […]

  • Jen Jobrack ShandeeLand

    Jennifer Jobrack | Episode 166

    Jennifer Jobrack, Principal of Food Allergy Pros and a long-time food allergy advocate, talks about her personal journey with food allergies, specifically her son’s struggle with failure to thrive due […]

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