Podcast Episodes

  • Aaron Weedy ShandeeLand

    Aaron Weedy | Episode 184

    In this episode, we sit down with Aaron Weedy, Vice President of Finance for Ledo Pizza, to unravel the fascinating journey of a finance professional in the dynamic world of […]

  • Žana Usher ShandeeLand

    Žana Usher | Episode 183

    We’re thrilled to welcome back Žana Usher, Founder and CEO of Žana DeVine Hospitality, for another insightful episode. In our previous chat, Žana shared her incredible journey in the hospitality […]

  • Allie Bahn ShandeeLand

    Allie Bahn | Episode 182

    Dive into the world of fearless travel with our latest episode featuring Allie Bahn! As a seasoned writer, content creator, educator, and consultant, Allie shares her awe-inspiring journeys through the […]

  • Lisa Cohen ShandeeLand

    Lisa Cohen | Episode 181

    We welcome back Lisa Cohen, the founder and CEO of The Kyah Rayne Foundation. Lisa, who tragically lost her daughter Kyah Rayne to an anaphylaxis reaction, returns with inspiring updates. […]

  • Natalie Rice ShandeeLand

    Natalie Rice | Episode 180

    In this podcast episode, our guest is Natalie Rice, owner of the peanut-sniffing service dog named Harley, who has gained fame on Instagram. Natalie shares the story of her daughter, […]

  • Diva Galan Shandeeland

    Diva Galan | Episode 179

    We have the pleasure of hosting Diva Galan, an attorney, blogger, and dedicated Food Allergy Mom. Her story is one of resilience and transformation, driven by her children’s food allergies.  […]

  • Betsy Craig ShandeeLand

    Betsy Craig | Episode 178

    Join us for an extraordinary journey with Betsy Craig, a true testament to the power of resilience and determination! Battling and conquering the relentless autoimmune disease scleroderma, she has emerged […]

  • Lianne Mandelbaum ShandeeLand

    Lianne Mandelbaum | Episode 177

    In this compelling episode, we’re joined by Lianne Mandelbaum, the Founder of The No Nut Traveler. Her journey began with a distressing airport incident while traveling with her 8-year-old son, […]

  • Dan Anfinson ShandeeLand

    Dan Anfinson | Episode 176

    In this episode, we are joined by Dan Anfinson, President of Slapfish Restaurant Group and COO of Mac Haik Restaurant Group. Growing up around the restaurant business, with his father […]

  • Dr. Julie Sweeney ShandeeLand

    Dr. Julie Sweeney | Episode 175

    Dr. Julie Sweeney, a pediatrician and food allergy consultant, shares her personal journey of navigating her child’s food allergy diagnosis. As the founder of ALLERGY MOM MD, Dr. Julie brings […]

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