Alanna Zingano | Episode 112

Alanna Zingano ShandeeLand

Alanna Zingano founded “Travel the World A to Z” and is a full-time travel content creator and vlogger. She was bit by the travel bug while studying abroad and was determined to make a career by doing what she loves. Alanna gets vulnerable as she shares with Shandee how she overcame her self-consciousness and the obstacles from learning as she worked. Alanna talks about maximizing your travel experiences with tips, tricks, advice, and knowledge. She shares her favorite locations and hidden gems. She has had multiple videos go viral as she shares her love of worldwide travel and cruising. Alanna’s content revolves around inspiring others to travel more as she shares her advice and knowledge through her own adventures. She is excited about new technology that cruises use to improve the experience and talks specifically about Menu Mate found on Carnival Cruise Lines. 

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