Amanda Orlando | Episode 156

Amanda Orlando ShandeeLand

Amanda Orlando is a passionate advocate and writer, and shares her inspiring journey of finding self-acceptance while living with food allergies. Amanda has had an incredible career journey – having founded ‘Free to be Me’ events. She is the popular blogger behind the blog ‘Everyday Allergen-Free’, and culminates in her success as author of a successful cookbook. The ‘Free to be Me’ inaugural event is a Food Allergy Retreat planned for 2023. The focus of this retreat is self-acceptance, and thriving with food allergies. It has been organized with the needs of the food allergy community in mind. Amanda candidly shares her experiences and wisdom about managing emotions and anxiety after having a grown-up anaphylactic reaction. In addition, she spills the beans on how to craft delicious cookbooks while offering life hacks that are sure to revolutionize your kitchen routines!

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