Andrew Kolikoff | Episode 3

Andrew Kolikoff Shandeeland

Servant Leader. Community Difference-Maker. Public Speaker. Former Chief Science Officer. Adjunct Professor. Sustainability Leader. Business Growth and Development Strategist. Super Connector. Inspirational Mentor. Coach. Author. Rainmaker Extraordinaire, and… Serial Entrepreneur (3-time business owner – one of those times landing him on the front page, top fold of USA Dec. 2004). Andrew’s storied career has taken him from coast-to-coast, from the largest companies to non-profits.

Along the way, the gift that has emerged is his innate ability to SERVE others by applying what he calls his Non-Transactional mindset (seeking to gain nothing from any meeting… only to serve!).

Every day of Andrew’s life and through all his varied ventures (going on 28 years now) Andrew has done this ONE thing (again, every day!)

  1. He meets with someone whom he has not met but would like to for coffee or lunch, and,

    2. He helps that person either by providing some much-needed clarity and/or by connecting them immediately to people who can help with their particular challenge (personal or professional).

    That’s 5 connections/introductions a day. 5 every day for 28 years! (In fact, from this Andrew has created a public movement in his home of Phoenix AZ called the Secret Sauce Society. Check their site
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