Michelin Star, Chef Anita Lo | Episode 33

Chef Anita Lo

Michelin-starred Chef Anita Lo is one of the most respected female chefs in the country. In 2014 her West Village restaurant Annisa, received a three-star review from the New York Times. After closing down her acclaimed restaurant, Chef Anita wrote ‘Solo’, which was voted 2018 Cookbook of the Year.  We were honored to have Chef Anita on the podcast to ask her about her latest projects and culinary adventures across the world with Tour de Forks. During the episode, we also discussed the start of her culinary journey and her experiences in Paris. We delved into her book “Solo: A Modern Cookbook for a Party of One”. Chef lo shared helpful tips on how to grocery shop for one and ways to reduce your food waste. She then revealed her experience being the first female guest chef to cook for a State Dinner at the White House, under the Obama Administration. You’ll also get to hear about her experience being on Top Chef Masters.

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