Ben Apple | Episode 133

Ben Apple ShandeeLand

Ben Apple is a Food Allergy Parent, Inventor, and Founder of Allergen Safety Products. Ben’s son, Wil, is allergic to tree nuts and his first reaction was anaphylactic. The food allergy diagnosis changed how they live their lives. Ben’s AHA moment was flying with his family on a dirty, nut-covered plane. The products they had with them were deficient and the products they searched for were lacking. So, Ben set out to invent WellToo™, handy wipes formulated to neutralize allergenic proteins that remain on a surface after traditional cleaning. These protect his son and make the family feel safer and more comfortable when out of the house. What started as a way to protect his son has expanded to help others.  Ben shares with us this incredible journey. He discusses the distinctive roadblocks and challenges faced when developing something unique and in its own category.  And listen to find out if Harley, an allergen alert service dog, recommends this product.

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