Chef Benjamin Bedard | Episode 99

Benjamin Bedard ShandeeLand

Were you aware that Milton Hershey’s success came from a profound sense of moral responsibility and benevolence, and his legacy is carried on by the fantastic people at Hershey Entertainment and Resorts (HE&R)?  Executive Chef Benjamin Bedard shares many core values with Milton and listening to this episode, you will concur.  Chef Ben waxes nostalgic about the history of this magical place and his own culinary journey.  He believes he is part ‘carnie’ and shares his favorite places to spend time in the park. He also shares the culinary delights found across HE&R and his favorite uses of chocolate.  And interestingly enough, he wants to bring southern cooking north and tells us how he is doing just that.  Your sweetest childhood memories may be from the attractions, resorts, and entertainment venues across Hershey, PA., but you will enjoy this episode of ShandeeLand.

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