Brad Peters | Episode 139

Brad Peters ShandeeLand

For 14 years, Chef Brad has been the President and CEO of HRBUniversal and director of all divisions. Chef Brad has been an industry veteran for over 30 years and brings real-life experience to his work. He is a Certified Master Trainer and is one of the only master trainers in the United States and Internationally that is approved to administer and teach all of the ANSI/CFP-approved food safety programs and to conduct the train-the-trainer courses in each. Chef Brad took a unique and different path that led to his current position and shares that journey. He discusses food safety and shares the common misconceptions and mistakes restaurants make. With social media, every customer is now a “mystery shopper” and is sharing their experiences, and Chef Brad talks about social media training for employees and protection against bad reviews.  Also, Chef Brad shares his favorite a-ha! moments.

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