Court Allam | Episode 162

Court Allam ShandeeLand

Court Allam is the Founder and CEO and Founder of Restaurant Marketing University and Go Explore Local. His backstory begins as a teacher and coach, and he leaned into those superpowers to launch his business.  If you are intrigued about earning passive, recurring revenue, but unsure how it works, Court offers that service and provides advice in this week’s episode.  By ditching the old-school VIP club in favor of a subscription model, restaurants can generate passive, recurring revenue that can be used to hire and retain top talent, offset rising costs, and offer health benefits.  He also founded Go Explore Local, whose mission is to promote locally-owned restaurants.   Court and Shandee also chat about using artificial intelligence, Chat GPT, and other AI tools, to create content.  Court also reveals what he thinks is next for the restaurant industry.

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