Craig Watson | Episode 146

Craig Watson ShandeeLand

His background is in finance, but a love of baking, a daughter with food allergies, and a business opportunity led Craig Watson to open Baked Cravings.  Baked Cravings is dedicated to maintaining a peanut and nut-free facility, using ingredients sourced from nut-free vendors.  His passion has made his company Baked Cravings a ‘Best of Manhattan’ Winner.  His is also one of America’s top Minority-Owned businesses.  Craig is a wikiHow Expert, writing articles on baking tips and business growth.  He is also putting together his initial thoughts on a book, tentatively titled ‘DRIP’.  Craig shares his personal and professional journey around food allergies, his inspiration for his wacky cupcake recipes, and offers advice for food allergy parents and business enthusiasts.

They also  list the ingredients on their website!  Find additional information here:

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