Dave Dittenber | Episode 110

Dave Dittenber ShandeeLand

He knew he wanted to work in the hospitality industry at 11 years old when he started cleaning bathrooms for a neighborhood restaurant.   And now Dave Dittenber has 30 years of experience in restaurant operations.  He shares his journey from scrubbing floors to founding the technology company BOYD.  His company is the answer to disparaging systems in our restaurants that don’t utilize the fast-growing technological advances and leverages technology and AI to help tackle some common problems with everyday operations in the industry.  He talks about identifying and selecting technology that is most helpful in keeping hospitality in hospitality and enhancing the guest experience.  And he tells us why, for him, AI means Augmented Intelligence.  Dave has sat on numerous boards, been involved with different industry startups, including the Michigan Restaurant Association, and shares how he balances work and many interests.

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