Chef David Fhima | Episode 97

David Fhima Shandeeland

Executive Chef David Fhima is a fascinating guest who will capture your heart with his passionate words and inspired cooking.  He is Chef / Owner of Fhima’s Minneapolis and has partnered with Levy Restaurants at the Target Center to oversee Food and Beverage Operations. He tells the story of his life and childhood influences. He shares with us the important lessons taught by his parents and how he grew up to be such an inspiring man.  He talks about the source and history of the Iconic bread starter that he uses to operate his bakery.   He shares his interpretation of sports nutrition and why he hates the words ‘healthy’ and ‘nutritious.’  He talks about the importance of a family table and shares his positive outlook on failure.  He shares his vision and the exciting things he is doing at Target Center.  Shandee asks him why the restaurant industry is currently beleaguered.  And learn how we are incorrectly using olive oil.

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