Dr. David Stukus | Episode 98

Dr. David Stukus ShandeeLand

David Stukus, MD, is an associate professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Allergy and Immunology and is Director of the Food Allergy Treatment Center at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  He is very active on social media and uses his popular Twitter and Instagram accounts @AllergyKidsDoc to dispel myths and combat misinformation and misconceptions.  Twitter made him a better doctor.  On this episode, he shares how his love of science led him down a path to medicine.  He explains the uniqueness and differences between food allergy, intolerance, and food sensitivity and the importance of a correct diagnosis.  He shares the best resources and advocacy organizations to access reliable information.  He talks about the issues he sees with skin and blood testing and how and when best to use them.  He shares how to find the best allergist and what to look for.  Dr. Stukus is also the author of “Allergies and Adolescents: Transitioning Toward Independent Living,” which thoroughly addresses adolescents’ cognitive and social development and provides practical strategies for involving them in their own self-management.  Please take a listen and then immediately follow him on Social Media.

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