Chef Diego Baraona | Episode 47

Chef Diego Baraona

Chef Diego Baraona is an expert at allergy friendly cooking. He’s made a name for himself by helping prepare safe and delicious meals for hundreds of children suffering from food allergies. He currently serves as recipe developer for The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT). I was honored to have him on the show to discuss his culinary journey and involvement with the food allergic community. We talked about his experience as Culinary Manager for The Mount Sinai Hospital. Chef Diego shared what it was like to prepare dishes for oral food challenges. He opened up about the challenges he faced in this role and some of the emotions he confronted when children were tested. We also discussed Chef Diego’s work at FAACT as their recipe developer. In this episode, you will also learn what it’s like to be a personal chef. Chef Diego talked about his experience working as a private chef. Finally, he shared how traveling influenced his career and his passion for photography.

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