Diva Galan | Episode 179

Diva Galan Shandeeland

We have the pleasure of hosting Diva Galan, an attorney, blogger, and dedicated Food Allergy Mom. Her story is one of resilience and transformation, driven by her children’s food allergies.  Diva’s journey began when her son experienced an anaphylactic reaction to milk at just 6 months old. Additionally, her daughter was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE). Removing dairy from their home due to her son’s allergy had an unexpected positive impact on her daughter’s health.

This moment led Diva to begin her food allergy advocacy journey. She started by sharing allergy-friendly meal photos on Instagram, which quickly evolved into a mission to help others facing similar challenges. Through her efforts, Diva’s family began to eat healthier, her kids developed a love for cooking, and she became a valuable resource for the food allergy community.

Diva’s website, FoodAllergyDiva.com, is a hub of information for those dealing with food allergies. It provides allergy-friendly recipes, research updates, travel tips,
and a supportive community.

In this episode, Diva also discusses her children’s recent entry into school and their journey of self-advocacy. Her insights and experiences offer valuable guidance for parents facing similar challenges.

Join us as we explore Diva Galan’s inspiring journey, and how her passion for advocacy has transformed her family’s life while making a positive impact on countless others.

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