Dr. Joey Mattingly | Episode 171

Joey Mattingly ShandeeLand

Associate Professor Joey Mattingly from the University of Utah College of Pharmacy discusses his collaboration with the FDA to better understand patient and caregiver experiences in developing¬† therapies for food allergies. These interviews provided valuable feedback on the FDA’s current practices and areas for improvement. The FDA’s inclusion of patients and caregivers in the process is commendable, as it allows for a comprehensive understanding of food allergies’ impact and potential treatment benefits and risks.¬†

Shifting the discussion to testing for food allergies, Joey and the host, Shandee, delve into the challenges posed by false results and the resulting uncertainty and fear. They emphasize the importance of a more reliable diagnostic process to reduce the number of individuals who mistakenly believe they have food allergies.

The episode emphasizes the significance of patient perspectives and involvement in shaping drug therapies for food allergies. By actively incorporating patient experiences, as well as implementing accurate diagnostic processes, healthcare professionals can enhance care quality for individuals with food allergies.

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