Dr. Julie Sweeney | Episode 175

Dr. Julie Sweeney ShandeeLand

Dr. Julie Sweeney, a pediatrician and food allergy consultant, shares her personal journey of navigating her child’s food allergy diagnosis. As the founder of ALLERGY MOM MD, Dr. Julie brings a unique perspective to the challenges faced by families in dealing with allergies and other inflammatory conditions. She discusses the process of food allergy testing and the importance of food challenges to accurately identify potential allergens. Dr. Julie also delves into the topic of doctors advising patients to avoid foods they have tested positive for, even if they haven’t had a reaction, and explores the different approaches taken in such situations. Additionally, she sheds light on the connection between food allergy anxiety and the overlapping symptoms with anxiety disorders. Through her consulting services, she aims to educate and empower families, ensuring that their children thrive in the face of food allergies.

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