Elizabeth Anderlik | Episode 174

Elizabeth Anderkil

In this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Elizabeth Anderlik, a remarkable advocate for food allergies and disabilities. Elizabeth shares her personal journey, highlighting the challenges she faced with multiple food allergies and the lack of proper accommodations in her school, which led to her being homeschooled.

She experienced a newfound sense of belonging when she attended the FARE Summit—an event dedicated to food allergy awareness and advocacy.  At the FARE Summit, Elizabeth participated in the Innovation Tank, where she showcased her groundbreaking concept—an epi-pen that automatically calls 9-1-1 in case of an emergency. Her innovative idea earned her recognition as a finalist, highlighting her exceptional problem-solving skills and dedication to improving the lives of individuals with food allergies.

Elizabeth’s passion for making a difference doesn’t stop there. Currently majoring in Health Science and minoring in Public Policy, she will intern for Senator Tammy Duckworth this summer.  She aims to contribute to the disabled community through policy initiatives. She also works as an Outreach Coordinator with Securing Safe Food, a youth-led organization that donates allergen-friendly foods to food pantries, emphasizing the importance of accessible and safe food options for everyone.  Elizabeth also founded Teal Kids, a mentorship program designed to support children with food allergies, providing them with guidance and encouragement. Additionally, she serves as an Inclusion Aide for a non-profit, furthering her commitment to creating inclusive environments for individuals with disabilities

Join us in this enlightening conversation as Elizabeth shares her inspiring story, highlighting the power of advocacy, innovation, and community involvement in making a positive impact on the lives of those with food allergies and disabilities.

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