Dr. Emily Williams Knight | Episode 73

Emily Williams Knight ShandeeLand

Dr. Emily Williams Knight is the CEO of the Texas Restaurant Association and Education.   From third grade, her life’s mission has been to provide hospitality and education. Her ambition propelled her notable career as the television show “Hotel” inspired it all.  Dr. Knight is impressively leading the restaurant industry through the COVID 19 pandemic by securing several waivers from Governor Abbott while also lobbying and securing federal support to help the restaurant and foodservice industry survive.  Dr. Knight talks about the changes in hospitality due to the pandemic that are likely to stay, the obstacles around current staffing issues, and the technological improvements that have developed in the last 15 months.  She is thankful that the public has rallied around the restaurant and hospitality industry and shares how the public can continue to show support.  Dr. Knight also shares her thoughts on the future of tipping.  “We Serve All Restaurants” isn’t just a tagline, she champions it.

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