Brightwater, Executive Director, Chef Marshall Shafkowitz | Episode 21

Chef Marshall Shafkowitz, Executive Director for Brightwater: A Center For The Study of Food

Chef Marshall Shafkowitz has traveled the world as a cook and chef, learning about different cuisines and cultures before becoming Executive Director for Brightwater: A Center for the Study of Food at Northwest Arkansas Community College. I was honored to invite Marshall to discuss his culinary journey and adventures across Europe. He shared some of his most memorable cooking experiences, including his work during the 1996 Olympics. Marshall cooked for the likes of the Royal Family of Spain and the Clinton family. We then explored his culinary philosophy and his love for creating memories through cooking. Marshall’s goal is to instill this passion in his students. He also answered one of our biggest questions “Can you become a chef if you have food allergies?”. Marshall shared great advice on how to get through culinary school if you have dietary restrictions and explained the importance of being your own best advocate. We finally talked about how Juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM) has impacted his daughter’s daily life and how you can help raise awareness for this rare condition.

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