Fired Pie Co-Founder, Fred Morgan | Episode 23

Fred Morgan Fired Pie

Fred Morgan, Co-Founder of Fired Pie

Fred Morgan has spent 20+ years in the Pizza Business. After working for California Pizza Kitchen, he left corporate life to start his own pizza concept named Fired Pie. Fred and business partner, Doug Doyle, are now the proud owners of 21 Fired Pie locations! I was excited to invite him on the show to talk about his love for the pizza business and his incredible career path. We started the interview by discussing Fired Pie’s involvement in the local community and some of the organizations they support. Fred then shared helpful advice for aspiring restauranteurs and some of the business lessons he learned along the way. Listeners will also discover how leveraging data and technology can help you better understand customers. Finally, we discussed how to make the jump from corporate life to entrepreneurship. 

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