Gabrielle Zimmerman | Episode 159

Gabrielle Zimmerman ShandeeLand

Gabrielle Zimmerman is a passionate wellness warrior on the path to becoming an esteemed Registered Dietitian. She already has impressive accomplishments, such as authoring “When Food Can Kill You: What the World Needs to Know”.

 After facing difficulty with medical professionals that dismissed, misdiagnosed and were disinclined to take action, it was through sheer determination and the investigative abilities of her mom that a diagnosis was finally achieved.  

At 13, Gabrielle’s life changed when she got back her test results. As if being confronted with the results wasn’t hard enough, learning to cope with new reality was even harder. The experience left a lasting impact on her young heart and mind.  She realized that food has an incredible ability to shape our identities and relationships. Not only can it bring people together, but having a food allergy or intolerance can make its presence felt in all aspects of life – emotionally, physically and psychologically. 

Gabrielle’s mission enlightens us all to how we can better support those with food allergies: through understanding the anxieties they face every day; by creating a world that is healthier for everyone – not just restricted to those who suffer from them directly. In her debut book, Gabrielle’s words concisely capture these realities of living with allergens in our lives – fueling an inclusive conversation which will serve as steps towards bringing healthy change.

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