Gayle Rigione | Episode 92

Gayle Rigione Shandeeland

Gayle Rigione is CEO and Co-Founder of Allergy Force. This multi-functional app has everyday features you’ll use all the time and emergency features that could save your life if you make a mistake.  Her mission is to make life easier for people with food allergies to live on the go with more confidence and less anxiety. Her son was diagnosed with 14+ allergies in a world when food allergy information was sparse, and she shares who she leaned on for guidance and advice.  She talks about the tips, tricks, and information she used to empower her son to advocate for himself as they maneuvered a new world with food allergies. While on a trip to Europe and dining out, his much-used translation card got mangled, which became the seed of thought that led to Allergy Force. After identifying the pain points of having a food allergy and finding a better way of handling them, the Allergy Force app has many features and functions to mitigate those points. Gayle talks about how she turned this idea into a life-changing product and shares advice for any entrepreneur. Her personal and professional journey is quite impressive. Please take a listen.

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