Gina Mennett Lee | Episode 111

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Gina Mennett Lee, M. Ed is a food allergy mom that works nationally and internationally as a food allergy consultant and educator through her business, Mennett Lee Food Allergy Consulting. She holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Bachelor’s degrees in Elementary and Special Education. Through consulting and education, she creates safe and inclusive school environments for those with food allergies, helping both parents and administrators. She is also the founder of the non-profit Food Allergy Education Network and author of “The Preschool Food Allergy Handbook .” Her book was adopted by NYC public preschools, and her label reading guide has been used in training FDA regulators. Her website’s Resources section is a compilation of the industry’s most credible videos, posters, guides, and literature to help educate and advocate on behalf of those with food allergies.  

 Her daughter had a near-fatal anaphylactic reaction at two years old with her at home. Realizing that school would begin in just a couple of years and knowing the current standard of policies, procedures, and training, she was driven to start a support group and began school policy development. Her career then took a turn to food allergy consulting. She shares the questions parents should be asking when enrolling their children into school, offers help identifying and mitigating school risks, and provides guidance in policy that makes a difference. She also talks about parenting a child with food allergies raising them with confidence.

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