Hillary Tolle Carter | Episode 70

Hillary Carter ShandeeLand

Hillary Tolle Carter is a food allergy mom and advocate, public relations specialist, speaker, writer, and community builder.  She has two boys, ages 8 and 10, both with multiple, life-threatening food allergies.   With the health challenges that both boys faced she immersed herself into her kids’ lives as mamas tend to do when taking on such great levels of worry.  It was a lot of stress and a lot of work as food allergy management isn’t just any ordinary responsibility of parenthood.  This took a toll, a very heavy toll, on Hillary and she speaks about her personal health journey and the undeniable importance of self-care.   Hillary and Shandee also talk about the additional obstacles having a food allergen that is outside of the Top-9, the bigger issue of the need to clearly know what we are eating, and how to advocate for better labeling laws.  Hillary also has her own podcast, “Taking Action!”, that brings people from all walks of like to talk about how food allergies impacted their lives and the pivot they made to make the food allergy community a better place. 

Take Action! with Hillary Carter, a series with FARE, can be found at livingtealchannel.com and via YouTube on the Living Teal Channel.

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