Jason Chan | Episode 172

Jason Chan ShandeeLand

Jason Chan, an Australian-based advocate for food allergies and mental health, is also a dedicated researcher in the field of alternative medicine. Among his three children, all of whom have had food allergies, his daughter continues to grapple with them. Upon discovering her food allergy while feeding her at just 3 months old, Jason experienced overwhelming guilt. However, he managed to alleviate this guilt by connecting with other parents facing similar challenges and immersing himself in medical journal research.

Beyond his professional work, Jason’s passion for improving lives is evident in his commitment to food allergy and mental health advocacy. For over 18 years, he has actively raised awareness and provided support for individuals and families affected by food allergies. Recognizing the crucial role of mental health in overall well-being, Jason has dedicated himself to researching methods to enhance mental health outcomes. As a co-founder of Mental Massages, he offers accessible and effective therapies such as Apitherapy, Massage Therapy, and Virtual Reality Therapy.

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