Alerje Founder/CEO, Javier Evelyn | Episode 34

Javier Evelyn CEO of Alerje

People with food allergies often leave their life-saving epinephrine at home. Alerje founder and CEO, Javier Evelyn, set out to solve this alarming problem. He and his team are developing a smartphone case that carries a slim epinephrine auto-injector. I was honored to have Javier on the podcast to discuss the story behind Alerje and his journey from being a food allergy patient to becoming an innovative entrepreneur. Javier shared the biggest reasons why people aren’t carrying their prescribed epinephrine and how his company is committed to developing a solution that is more convenient and easy to use for the food allergy community. In addition to launching Alerje, Javier is also a founding member of MedTech Color. We discussed how MedTech Color is improving representation for people of color in the health care industry. Finally, he shared helpful advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and important tips on how to raise startup capital for your business.


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