Kiss Freely, Founder, Jennifer Kurko | Episode 28

Jennifer Kurko

Food allergens are in the most unexpected places. Jennifer Kurko had no idea that deadly allergens lurked in her lip balm, lipstick, soap, makeup, and creams. She discovered this after kissing her then-7-year-old daughter on the cheek and leaving her a vivid rash. This frightening experience inspired her to launch, Kiss Freely, a line of chemical-free beauty and self-care products that are also free of numerous common allergens. I was honored to have Jennifer on the show to discuss the story behind Kiss Freely in more detail. You’ll learn how Jennifer got to where she is today and the many steps she took to get her business off the ground. Jennifer also shared helpful advice on how to launch a product-based business and her future goals of expanding the line. We closed off the episode by discussing important lessons that Jennifer learned from starting her own business. 

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