Jessica Carrillo | Episode 170

Jessica Carillo ShandeeLand

Food allergy advocate Jessica Carrillo shares her personal journey of living with food allergies. Jessica was diagnosed with a peanut allergy at the age of 2 and has since developed additional allergies over time. At the age of 12, she experienced a traumatic allergic reaction that left her feeling anxious and triggered by food. Jessica shares how her anxiety grew as she never knew which food might cause a reaction, making her feel like nothing was safe and causing her to lose weight.

However, Jessica’s life changed when her mom introduced her to baking. This helped her rediscover her love for food and inspired her to help others with food allergies. She shares her journey to managing her anxiety and how it led her to become a patient at The Food Allergy Institute, where she is using program called Tolerance Induction Program (TIP) to manage her allergies.

Additionally, Jessica is a Digital Marketing Intern at the institute and is using her experiences to help others. This podcast episode provides a glimpse into the life of a food allergy sufferer, the challenges they face, and the steps they take to overcome them. It’s an inspiring conversation that sheds light on the importance of managing food allergies and supporting those who live with them.

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