Joel Schaefer | Episode 123

Joel Schaefer

Joel Schaefer, CCC, CDM, CFPP, joins Shandee in this week’s episode to talk about his brand new cookbook, At Home with Your Allergy Chefs: Cooking Up Gluten-Free and Allergy-Friendly Meals Everyone Will Enjoy. Chefs Joel and Mary Schaefer are food allergy sufferers, culinary instructors, cookbook authors, and co-founders of Your Allergy Chefs. For many years, they have shared their culinary expertise, cooking knowledge, skills, and experience with the food allergy community. In this newly released cookbook, they offer tricks, tips, and advice for home chefs catering to food allergies or sensitivities, including celiac disease and gluten-free and vegan diets. Chef Joel shares the inspiration for this new book of meals and the process of writing it. He also talks about some of those involvements like taste testing and research and development.  Chefs Joel and Mary have some amazing future projects planned. He lets us in on what they are, which sound both delicious and exciting!

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