Your Allergy Chef, Co-Founder, Joel Schaefer | Episode 26

Joel Schaefer

People with food allergies have strict limits on the foods they can enjoy and cook at home every day. In this episode, you’ll discover surprising ingredient substitutes to make dishes that you thought you’d never be able to eat. Our special guest, Chef Joel Schaefer, will help you expand your food choices and bring in dishes that you assumed were out-of-bounds. As a culinary educator and pioneer in allergy friendly cooking, Chef Schaeffer is an expert at finding tasty substitutes for food allergies. In this second-round interview, you’ll get to hear his invaluable advice and expertise on alternative ingredients. Joel’s cooking tips went above and beyond the top 8. We covered more than 20 common food allergens as well as a variety of substitutes for everyday cooking. This discussion has helpful tips for all food lovers! You can find out more about Chef Joel Schaefer and his incredible work by visiting

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