John Pepper | Episode 173

John Pepper ShandeeLand

John Pepper is a visionary entrepreneur and advocate for socially responsible capitalism. With a strong belief in the power of capitalism to benefit hourly workers, John shares his inspiring journey and insights into creating a more inclusive economy.

John’s path began during his business school days, where he partnered with two fellow students to launch a restaurant as part of an entrepreneurial project. However, it was a pivotal moment when one of his employees called in sick that he had an epiphany about the untapped potential of his real purpose. This experience ignited his passion for people initiatives, leading him to prioritize livable wages, employee benefits, and providing them with skills to thrive beyond their roles in the industry.

Recognizing that work matters and that good people with purpose can drive positive change, John eagerly embraced the role of a guinea pig, investing in and advising early-stage technological solutions designed to empower workers in the hourly job market.

Tune in to this thought-provoking episode as John Pepper provides valuable insights on how inclusive capitalism can be achieved, highlighting the role of entrepreneurship, technology, and a deep belief in the inherent value of every individual in building a more equitable and prosperous future.

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