Chef Justin Benedict | Episode 71

Justin Benedict ShandeeLand

Chef Justin Benedict is an experienced plant-based food specialist with a demonstrated ability working in the health wellness, foodservice, and sustainable agriculture industries and is a developing partner with Local Alternative Foods.  Not preparing food ourselves has led to foods designed for preservation that are based on heavily processed ingredients. The nutritional destruction and high environmental footprint that occurs when heavy processing is done to food are at the heart of what Justin is combating.  Justin was significantly impacted by being raised on a cattle farm, working on the Navajo and Hopi reservations, and volunteering on a public ranch that hosted garden bed building and composting workshops.  He wants his greatest influence to be bringing the sustainability of food to the forefront of our food system.  Justin defines sustainability.  He suggests first steps you, personally, can make but also changes the restaurant and foodservice industry can initiate to be fresh whole food-focused.  He also discusses the importance of buying locally sourced foods and supporting regional farmers.

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