Justin Fields | Episode 79

Justin Fields Shandeeland

Chef Justin Fields is Corporate Executive Chef and Director of Research and Development at Bonefish Grill & Bloomin’ Brands International™.  Justin is creative and artsy; he is passionate and inspiring.  And it all comes out in his love of cooking and is evident in this week’s conversation with Shandee.  Justin attended the Culinary Arts program in high school where his desire for the culinary the arts began; it was another way to express his creativity.  He shares his professional journey from the culinary arts program at Johnson & Wales University to Roy’s Restaurant to Executive Chef and Director of R&D at Bonefish Grill.  Justin talks his successes and lessons learned along the way.  He shares how you can eat healthy and tasty by adding flavors but not adding calories.  And find out what he loves to cook at home.

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