Justin Hege & Luke Detraz | Episode 102

Justin and Luke ShandeeLand

There is nothing common about these two guests and their journey from a 15-year friendship to founders and partners in Common Hospitality.  Neither Justin Hege nor Luke Detraz attended culinary school but are bringing a creative and artistic flair to food and service.  They discuss the journey that led them to do what they love and the relationship that led to the idea of Common Hospitality.  Their business concept is unique and common simultaneously, and they share how that is achieved.  Their mission is to create an exceptional experience through food and drink and never expect to replicate a meal.  They talk about food and spirit pairing.  And they share what food they enjoy and cook when with family and friends.  They also talk about what inspires them and what they are passionate about, and how they impact and challenge each other.  And Tequila.

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