Katherine Schug | Episode 105

Katherine Schug on ShandeeLand

An eighth-grade project set in motion numerous food allergy advocacy enterprises by this impressive young woman, Katherine Schug.  The project grew into Teen FAAB (Food Allergies and Anti-Bullying), a website that provided resources, blog posts, tips, and more for teens living with food allergies.  This led to a TEDx Talk at her high school. As her platform grew, she spoke at Food Allergy and Research Education (FARE) events and Food Allergy and Awareness Connection Team (FAACT) conferences.  Now, Katherine, a student at Rutgers University, is the founder and CEO of The Alan (Allergy Life Alliance Network) App that features a messaging system, emergency feature, and interactive resources.  Katherine’s mission is to connect people with food allergies to share experiences, concerns, and questions.  She understands there is a need for the community, especially for teens dealing with bullying.  She shares her incredible journey. She offers advice to teenagers and parents and talks about the challenges of moving away for college and living in the dorms and/or having roommates.  We cannot wait to see what is next for this inventive young woman. 

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