Katie Moreno | Episode 131

Katie Moreno ShandeeLand

Katie Moreno is the go-to advocate for food minorities, such as those impacted by food allergies. She leads an inclusive movement within the hospitality industry to create a more welcoming environment. Katie has made it her mission both personally and professionally to dedicate herself to thoroughly researching how restaurants meet these needs. She speaks to this issue as someone who knows firsthand how it can be beneficial for both the hospitality industry and food allergy suffers, giving her perspective on what needs improving. Katie shares her family’s food allergy journey after he son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies.  The problems and issues they faced when dining out was the catalyst that led to her seeing a need and taking action. She talks about their experiences within the medical community in handling her son’s diagnosis and management of his food allergies. And she has offers her advice to the hospitality industry to make their customer experiences even better.

Find the articles Katie has written here:  https://medium.com/@katielynnmoreno

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