Kimberly Yates | Episode 129

Kimberely Yates ShandeeLand

Kimberly Yates is the Founder and CEO of Latitude Food Allergy Care, the Co-Chair of FARE’s Board of National Ambassadors, and a food allergy mom. Kim has been a force for change in the food allergy community since she sought a cure for her daughter’s severe multiple food allergies. The struggle became more than personal for Kim – It’s become mission-driven! She joined forces with Dr. Kari Nadeau to raise the resources necessary to transform the spark of an idea for a clinical trial into a food allergy research center. This work led to the founding of Latitude Food Allergy Care, which provides patients, of all ages, with real solutions to improve their quality of life through comprehensive food allergy assessment, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. Kim shares her story of hope, vulnerability, and strength to better the life those with food allergies.

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