Kyle Dine, Equal Eats, Founder/CEO | Episode 56

Kyle Dine ShandeeLand

We kick off Food Allergy Awareness week with Kyle Dine, CEO, and Founder of Equal Eats.  Kyle shares his personal transformation as an 80’s child with limited information surrounding food allergies and taking risks and being dismissive about his allergies through a severe food allergy reaction in which he wasn’t prepared.  The anaphylactic reaction was his moment to realize he needed to reevaluate his life and determined that his life’s mission was to help others.  His professional journey includes a decade of work in allergy education as a trusted speaker and musician.  And as an avid traveler, Kyle realized the language barrier can be problematic especially with food allergies and found the importance of putting allergy information in writing and in their language and solved this issue by with Equal Eats which provides professional translation cards to help the allergy community convey allergens in foreign languages. Kyle and Shandee talk about the difficulty eating out with food allergies and how they are on a on a mission to help both the service industry and customers with their needs.  Kyle also treats us to his song, “Food Allergies Rock.”

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