Lisa Cohen | Episode 155

Lisa Cohen experienced a parent’s greatest grief. Her daughter, Kyah Rayne, passed due to a fatal anaphylaxis reaction. Lisa has been working tirelessly in honor of her precious girl by founding The Kyah Rayne Foundation to raise awareness about food allergies and the potential for life-threatening reactions.  Through increased awareness and educational training surrounding food allergies, fundraising efforts, and policy change, the Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life for those affected by food allergies and to prevent deaths due to anaphylaxis. Lisa’s daughter was a bright light in her life, and Lisa presents an elegant introduction to acquaint us with this amazing girl.  She talks about the Foundation and its goals and mission.  Lisa discusses Good Samaritan Laws and  the need and importance of having publicly available epinephrine.  She also explains what anaphylaxis can look like, with potential signs and symptoms.

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