Lisa Cohen | Episode 181

Lisa Cohen ShandeeLand

We welcome back Lisa Cohen, the founder and CEO of The Kyah Rayne Foundation. Lisa, who tragically lost her daughter Kyah Rayne to an anaphylaxis reaction, returns with inspiring updates. The foundation has just launched new course specifically designed for restaurants and food service personnel. These courses aim to raise awareness and educate on the critical aspects of handling food allergies.

In this episode, Lisa shares her ongoing advocacy efforts, including taking on big pharma to push for price caps on epinephrine in Arizona. Her dedication doesn’t stop there; she’s also actively supporting schools in accessing epinephrine, a life-saving measure in allergy emergencies.

Lisa’s work with The Kyah Rayne Foundation continues to make a meaningful impact, emphasizing the crucial need for increased awareness, education, and accessibility in the fight against food allergies.

For more information on The Kyah Rayne Foundation and their initiatives, visit:

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