Lisa Rutter | Episode 148

Lisa Rutter ShandeeLand

Lisa Rutter is the Founder of NNMG Food Allergic Families, a group dedicated to learning, educating, supporting and connecting others with or caring for those with food allergies. She also advocated for Michigan House Bills to place epinephrine auto-injectors in schools for use on any student suffering an allergic reaction. When her son was diagnosed with food allergies, it was shocking to discover that his previous reactions were dismissed and determined as nothing serious. Feeling lost, alone, and scared, Lisa wanted something her son could also be a part. Finding nothing, she decided to begin in-person play dates. Facebook helped it evolve into an online forum, and the group has expanded into over 100 locations. Lisa gives advice finding the best support group. She shares the legislative process from conception to law in the passing of Michigan’s stock epinephrine bill. The challenges of a food allergy teenager is different from the ones experienced by toddlers. Lisa discusses what that means for her son’s advocacy.

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