Lori Moussapour | Episode 77

Lori Moussapour ShandeeLand

Lori Moussapour is a therapist, life coach, and educator.  She is the founder of To Empower U and its two specialty divisions, Food Allergy U and To Inspire U, specializing in food allergy support, education, and empowerment.  Her focus is to empower others to live fully despite a food allergy diagnosis.  She is especially committed to helping manage worry, stress, and anxiety by transforming perspectives through support and education. When her third child was diagnosed with an egg allergy, she saw a pressing need for help managing emotions and anxieties in parents as they navigated through their food allergy journey.  Lori offers her advice for new food allergy diagnosed families.  She talks about how food allergy anxiety has changed during the pandemic and how the transition back to “normal” may be more challenging.  And how much harder the work-life balance goal is due to a food allergy.

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