Maile Crewdson | Episode 150

Maile Crewdson ShandeeLand

Maile Crewdson is shining bright, currently in the limelight after her winning Food Network Canada’s Great Chocolate Showdown Season Three.  Although not having professional baking experience, she started baking as a way to find ways to keep her son, suffering from food allergies, safe while making food items that she loved.  The family’s food allergy journey is emotional and moving; Maile noticed issues after immediately bringing her son home from the hospital.  And it wasn’t until an ER visit that her son was correctly diagnosed.  She found solace in the kitchen. As a way to process her grief, she turned it into something beautiful and tasty – baking!  She won Great Chocolate Showdown making desserts with flavors of home.

She seems to do everything with love, laughter and a kind heart and you can follow her on Instagram:

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