Mandy Hines | Episode 134

Mandy Hines ShandeeLand

Mandy Hines is Regional Admissions Counselor for Johnson & Wales University, known for its College of Food Innovation & Technology.  She has worked as the Director of Hospitality Foundation for the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association and was tasked with coordinating the ProStart programs working with teachers and students.  She also has a Bachelor of Science focused in Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences and was a direct seller for Pampered Chef trained in culinary techniques.  Mandy shares her impressive professional journey and why hospitality is a passion point for her.  She talks about the incredible offerings and programs at JWU.  She provides admissions advice, tips and techniques, and financial aid guidance.  Mandy is a huge part of what makes ProStart so great, tells us about her involvement with the program, and her most memorable moments.  The hospitality industry has seen many changes over the years, and Mandy speaks about her observations.

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