Mark Retz | Episode 116

Mark Retz ShandeeLand

Mark Retz is the Managing Director of Systems Evolution, Inc. (SEI), a business and technology management consulting firm.   He built his expertise from working across many industries and has a diverse career and dynamic background.  His goal is to help clients define the problem, identify solutions, implement plans, and get things done.  He drives his clients to determine the obstacles and barriers to success, as individuals, as teams, and as a business and discusses how best to get results.  He talks about the art of enabling self-realization and bringing empowerment to his clients.  He shares about bringing the care factor and commitment to foster trust.  He talks about how leadership and management of people are changing.  And Mark and Shandee compare and contrast internal or external hiring and buying or building technology.

 SEI was named #2 Best Small Firm to Work For by Consulting Magazine and helps clients across various industries transform their businesses through the implementation of improved technology, optimized processes, and more effective use of their data that enhance results and focuses on delivering superior value.  

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