Island Fin Poke Company CEO, Mark Setterington | Episode 45

Mark Setterington

Mark Setterington is a restauranteur, entrepreneur, and co-founder of the growing franchise, Island Fin Poke. Mark and business partner, Paul Rea, launched their first location in 2017 and over the past four years, Island Fin Poke has grown to over 30 locations in various stages of development across the country. I was honored to have him on the show to discuss his experience in the restaurant industry and successful franchising strategy. We discussed how he got involved in the Poke business. In this episode, you’ll also learn how to build and maintain successful franchisor-franchisee relationships. Mark shared his insights on how to choose the right partners. We also asked Mark about his favorite house-made sauces and dishes. He also shared the benefits of outsourcing talent and how he took advantage of outside expertise to successfully grow his brand. Finally, he opened up about lessons he learned along the way.

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